The EXA Way is a leadership philosophy and process that successful companies follow to develop and deliver winning proposals.

Win Big The EXA Way is the definitive guide describing The EXA Way that successful executives, capture leaders, and proposal leaders follow to win large, complex contracts. Visit www.theexaway.ca for more information and to order your own copy of Win Big The EXA Way.



The EXA Group helps clients win complex Requests for Proposals (RFPs). We support pursuits over $50M, including multi-billion contracts.

Complex pursuits demand extraordinary efforts. Bidders must create competitive solutions, develop many documents, meet exacting requirements, and rapidly assemble teams that work well together. It takes leadership, experience, skills, and processes to accomplish these feats under tight deadlines.  

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What sets EXA apart

EXA provides the capture and proposal leadership you need to win complex pursuits. With over $16 Billion in contracts captured, EXA is in its 35th year of helping clients win. EXA works with over one-third of Canada’s top thirty defence contractors*

EXA is a privately held, Canadian owned company with experience in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

*In accordance with the Canadian Defence Review 2022 Ranking

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The EXA Way leads the industry

Over the past thirty years, EXA developed a capture and proposal process called The EXA Way. This proven process helps our clients capture major programs, respond to complex RFPs, and ultimately, win.

the key to our success

The Key to Our Success

See how your company gains a strategic advantage with EXA.
Once a client identifies a pursuit, The EXA Way helps the client Capture the contract through a process that fully qualifies the pursuit and aligns the corporate resources and solutions to maximize the win probability. After the draft RFP arrives, The EXA Way helps the client Propose the best possible compliant offer while maximizing the resulting technical, financial, and offset scores.


Alex McPhail

President & CEO

Alex McPhail is a thought leader and multifaceted professional with a diverse and accomplished career. He has excelled in the worlds of technology, business, marketing, and literature.

For the past two decades, Alex held the position of President at the EXA Consulting Group, establishing it as the leading capture and proposal support firm in Canada. With over 25 years of experience in executive management consulting, Alex continues to provide valuable insights to numerous organizations facing complex challenges.

Prior to his role at EXA, Alex held senior marketing positions for ten years in a large multinational enterprise as well as in a small business. Alex also contributed to technological advancements, first as a software team leader for eight years, and then as founder and owner of his first company, TeraScope, which manufactured, delivered, and serviced remote-sensing satellite receiving station equipment around the world.

In literature, Alex recently wrote Win Big The EXA Way, a ground-breaking work addressing the leadership principles successful companies employ when responding to complex Request for Proposals (RFPs). As a physics undergraduate at the University of Waterloo, Alex wrote one of the world’s first textbooks that explored scientific computing using the just-released IBM PC.

In academia, Alex shared his knowledge as a former lecturer at Carleton University's Master of Public Policy and Administration program and as an instructor at the Sprott School of Business. He has also delivered countless presentations in leadership and technology.

Alex’s diverse career reflects his expertise and contributions across multiple domains, including science, business, literature, and academia. His commitment to excellence continues to inspire and guide others on their own paths of achievement and service.

Iain Wilkes

Writer; Proposal Manager

With a proven track record in leading large projects and bids that demand comprehensive technical management, Iain Wilkes delivers the knowledge and skills bidders need to win complex proposals. He specializes in engineering, and quality assurance disciplines, and has sound experience in finance, commercial, and project management.

Iain has over 40 years’ experience in commercial and military markets, including aerospace, land, and communications systems. He has managed dozens of projects and has led or participated in over 300 capture programs. Iain’s strength lies in fusing management and technical approaches into a single, cohesive, and winning solution. He has extensive experience in Canadian and USA defence markets, as well as allied and overseas markets, including NATO, India, and Korea.

Iain’s tenacity and productivity has spearheaded many significant wins, including as the US Navy T-6B Trainer Integrated Glass Cockpit program, the Canadian Forces CP-140 Aurora (P3 Orion) Glass Cockpit Moderation Program (known as NFIMP), US Navy MH-53E Minesweeper cockpit, and the US Army Blackhawk Flight Management System.

Iain has worked with Marconi Canada (now Esterline CMC), and General Dynamics Canada. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Queen’s University in Kingston.

Beverley Sinclair


Beverley Sinclair has 30 years experience in proposal leadership, writing, and editing in Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia. She also has experience as:

  • Business Communications professor at the University of Ottawa;
  • Proposal Management and Development instructor at the Schulich School of Business, Executive Education Centre, York University; and
  • Proposal development trainer at Technology Training Corporation (TTC).

Marion Neiman


Marion Neiman is a senior editor, and has collaborated with EXA on projects for many years. She excels in compliance editing, substantive editing, and copy editing for proposals as well as a wide range of scientific, technical, and general material. She worked on contract with the Canadian Space Agency for over 10 years as a communications and documentation manager.

Michael Faulkner

Capture Manager; Proposal Manager

Michael Faulkner and EXA have worked together for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in capture support, proposal support, marketing, and executive management. He has held leadership assignments in over 20 major defence capture and proposal programs. Mike is the former President of Lansdowne Technologies, and before that he was CEO of Firstmark Technologies.

David McMahon

Cyber SME

David McMahon is a thought leader and industry expert in cybersecurity. He joined EXA in 2021. David provides strategic and business support for clients pursuing major cyber contracts.

David is CEO of Clairvoyance Cyber Corp, a cyber research, strategy, and consulting firm. He is also Chair of Cyber Defence Council for the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). David is also a strategist for R9B, an advanced cybersecurity.

Murray Johnson

Capture Manager; Proposal Manager

Murray Johnson is a senior capture leader and proposal leader who joined EXA in 2021.

Murray has extensive experience in defence pursuits. Former positions include Senior Director of Business Development at Babcock Canada and Senior Manager of International Programs at Lockheed Martin.

Kari Coppen

Senior Proposal Leader

Kari is a senior proposal leader who joined EXA's team in 2022. Her history with EXA dates to 2004 when she collaborated with EXA on a successful $500M Canadian aerospace defense proposal. With over two decades of experience in defense pursuits and a PMP designation held for more than a decade, Kari brings a remarkable array of skills and experiences. Her expertise extends to the meticulous preparation and successful delivery of winning defense proposals not only in Canada but also in the United States and with various NATO partners. Kari has demonstrated her capabilities in effectively launching and managing defense and government programs while playing a pivotal role in shaping and executing strategic initiatives.

Robert Langille

Proposal Coordinator

Robert has collaborated with EXA for over 10 years.  He is a senior proposal coordinator.

Robert is also president of the Electronic Warfare Consulting Services Inc. (EWCS) and is an industry leader in crypto technologies and corporate security.

Jeff Kearns

senior proposal leader

Jeff Kearns is a senior proposal leader, a project management consultant, and a professional engineer. After graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada, Jeff served in the Royal Canadian Navy as a marine systems engineer officer before he embarked on a consulting career. He applies his Black Belt Six Sigma certification to every assignment he undertakes to maximize the value Jeff delivers in complex projects.

Jeff consults in a variety of industries, including the Canadian government and the health sciences sectors. He has led defence proposals for over twenty years, and has provided business development, competitive assessments, bid evaluation, and cost modeling to Canadian Defence customers.


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