Iain Wilkes

Writer; Proposal Manager

With a proven track record in leading large projects and bids that demand comprehensive technical management, Iain Wilkes delivers the knowledge and skills bidders need to win complex proposals. He specializes in engineering, and quality assurance disciplines, and has sound experience in finance, commercial, and project management.

Iain has over 40 years’ experience in commercial and military markets, including aerospace, land, and communications systems. He has managed dozens of projects and has led or participated in over 300 capture programs. Iain’s strength lies in fusing management and technical approaches into a single, cohesive, and winning solution. He has extensive experience in Canadian and USA defence markets, as well as allied and overseas markets, including NATO, India, and Korea.

Iain’s tenacity and productivity has spearheaded many significant wins, including as the US Navy T-6B Trainer Integrated Glass Cockpit program, the Canadian Forces CP-140 Aurora (P3 Orion) Glass Cockpit Moderation Program (known as NFIMP), US Navy MH-53E Minesweeper cockpit, and the US Army Blackhawk Flight Management System.

Iain has worked with Marconi Canada (now Esterline CMC), and General Dynamics Canada. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Queen’s University in Kingston.

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