Alex McPhail

President & CEO

Alex has over 35 years experience from industry, government, and academia—earning him respect as one of Canada’s leading bid managers.

Alex McPhail excels in strategic engagement, as well as in capture and proposal leadership. He understands how hundreds of disparate threads wind through a complex pursuit, and he fuses these filaments into a coherent capture management framework. He manages proposals through sound strategy, strong team leadership, and proven processes. Alex also has a deep understanding of the organizational dynamics that lie between strategy formation and business results, harnessing these proficiencies in all his business practices.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo and has taught in the Master of Public Administration Degree Program at Carleton University. He also taught Strategic Management at the Sloan School of Business and is a recognized public speaker and lecturer in business leadership, Canadian procurement, and government contracting processes.

Alex’s business acumen and tact quickly earn the trust of his clients and he commonly takes a supportive role among the executive team.

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