Code of Ethical Conduct

Our Code Of Ethics

EXA is committed to providing valuable and ethical services to its customers. Toward that end, EXA requires all managers, employees, and consultants to be conversant with and abide by the following Code of Ethics.

  1. Practice all business affairs honestly and legally.
  2. Conduct behaviour in a respectful and professional manner.
  3. Accept consulting engagements only for those tasks for which you are fully qualified by experience, knowledge and expertise, or if less than fully qualified, fully disclose your qualification gaps to your customer before asking a customer to sign a contract.
  4. Secure a full and complete understanding of the scope, complexity, and nature of work before agreeing to accept the engagement.
  5. Agree upon all rates, fees, methods of payment, and expense reimbursement policies before agreeing to accept the engagement.
  6. Honour the terms and conditions negotiated with the customer.
  7. Bill for only work performed, and claim only for expenses incurred, in accordance with the customer agreement.
  8. Take all reasonable efforts to correct errors when they do occur.
  9. Answer questions and provide advice fully, promptly, openly, and directly.
  10. Prescribe only those solutions and approaches that add value to the customer.
  11. Seek clarification when your instructions are unclear or when you are uncertain how to complete a task.
  12. Promise to undertake only those commitments that can be reasonably fully delivered and that satisfy the agreed objectives, budget, and schedule.
  13. As soon as possible, disclose circumstances in which commitments will no longer be fulfilled.
  14. Provide reasonable advance warning before reaching a fee expense limit or threshold.
  15. Respect the confidentiality of all sensitive documents and information, both during a consulting engagement, and after its termination, in accordance with the customer agreement.
  16. Disclose all conflicts of interest as soon as they become apparent, and take all reasonable measures to resolve any such conflicts.
Last modified September 2014